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From March 1, 2019, I started the blog of "Leisurely Days".

This blog site, I hope to be a place to share information with those who have similar hobbies (hereafter comrades) while enjoying the outdoors, such as trail running, camping, bike, which is the hobby of old man past 50 years.

Especially, the information of the place where the outdoors is done is always changing, and I want the latest information, too.However, because there are many things that do not know if you do not actually go to the scene, we have been allowed to use to check the SNS and blogs and so comrade.

I would be very happy if the information I have seen on the site and the things I have looked at in the field of action will be helpful to the people of comrade.

Since the first blog, and introduce yourself, I would like to introduce the activity of the past so I have to blog videos and another site.

Introduce yourself

The details of personal information will not be posted because the times are dangerous in the times, but I would like to introduce myself lightly.

【 Blog name 】 Enjoy Japan of Outdoor

※ Because the same name exists in the net, "ma2n2n" or "matsun2n" or "matsu2n" notation

Age: 50s

Hobbies: General outdoor (mainly, trail running, motorbike, camping)

【 Personality 】 Cheerful, impatient, optimistic

Other profiles are written in the blog site of "ma2n2n blog".

I enjoy playing the video of the situation.

Please look it up if it is good.Then, please subscribe to the channel.

Why did I create a three-channel account (laughs)

 ★The wilful movie for ma2n2n

★The wilful movie for Touring

★The wilful movie for outdoor

Trail Running

We started trail running from the end of 2017.

When I was in my 50s and was looking for another hobby, I started thinking about doing "sports I don't want to do the most."

This is the trail running that I started whipping to myself, but now I'm addicted and I have to run on the mountain at the pace of once a week.

We are enjoying the world of self-satisfaction with YouTube videos of the situation at the same time.

※ It is a self-satisfaction video, but I hope to help you in the atmosphere and situation.

 Leave a few pieces attached to the video taken in the home ground to go better.

Carefree Outdoor Channels

It becomes the outdoor-only channel.



I purchased the bike at the time when I started running the tray.

The Automatic motorcycle mid-size license was acquired 30 years ago and was much more a paper driver.However, I kept thinking that I wanted to ride the bike for a long time.

It is feeling that it came to purchase because it came out for a moment only a little in the 50s.

Purchase year in Hokkaido touring

Because it was a paper driver, I went to the driving school to get used to the motorcycle and got a big license.

Well, it becomes the introduction of the car, but because it was decided that the American type from the beginning, the SS type which goes out of speed was not in the rages.

When actually going to the Red Baron (bike shop) to check the ride, the bike came with a pin from the beginning only one, it was YAMAHA BOLT.

It is feeling that I decided it completely with a feeling.

Now, I enjoy the video as a Moto blog is enjoying touring on the bike.

* Please subscribe to the channel.

Carefree Touring



It might have been a beginning to want to see the whole world because it was curious if it said why it started the camp.So, I have gone to non-regular trips overseas, but I think it's good to know more Japan.

But I insipid not live in the hotel and have no money to go around Japan.

So I started camping.

But... it is a state that camping of about several times a year in the vicinity is understood that the camp is deep.

However, I would like to take the challenge while camping around Japan.

The first time in my life. November 2017

As well as future camp videos, thank you so I will upload in the carefree Outdoor channel.

● Carefree Outdoor Channels


Other things to do

The blog title is "leisurely days", but I do not know whether you can relax other than camping, but I want to challenge the purpose of relaxing and enjoying myself.

Other things to do, the occasional, smelt fishing, skiing, futsal, tennis, etc. is invited and I will continue to be interested.

Also, if you need a tool in this blog, I will also explain the tool.

When you take a picture when you play, you can enjoy the video at the same time because it is in the video, I hope you can refer to.

I put a video of the smelt fishing in 2018 and 2019.

Tightening terms

In another blog site [ma2n2n blog], has become a completely self-satisfied blog site, has become a site that also includes the diary-like elements of the selfish.

In this "relaxed weather", I want to suppress the self-satisfaction element, and aim at the site which is useful for the hobby of comrades in the photograph, the animation, and the explanation text.

Please, thank you in the future.

* Really liked touching (March, 2019)


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